custom insulated buildings that can be used for virtually anything

Frequently Asked Questions

No, MetalWood is an equal opportunity provider. We are committed to helping our customers in each and every way possible from that first phone call to the last.

We try our best to provide our customers with prompt service. It generally takes 2 weeks to deliver a MetalWood building from the day you order your building until the time we are scheduled to deliver. The steel insulated buildings are custom built and detailed to the customer specifications.

The first 25 miles are free then after that it is 3 dollars a mile. As an example, if delivery is 40 miles away from our Kenna, WV facility you would be charged for only 15 miles and at a cost of $45.00.

Our Metalwood buildings are made of steel insulated panels. They consist of an insulating layer of rigid core insulation sandwiched between 20 gauge steel facing. The metal facing and the core insulation are integrally bonded (adhered) units that are assembled using diagonal tongue & groove joints and securely fastened at the metal laps. The assembled metal insulated panels combine several components of conventional building; such as studs, joists, insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier. They can be used for many different applications, such as exterior wall, roof, floor and foundation systems.

The only time that we offer a warranty is on a fully dressed building that consists of an optional upgrade with a 40 year metal roof system and with a 40 year metal wall system. These optional upgrade roof and wall system coverings will enable the inclusion of a 10 year warranty on the base structure as fully dressed.

Yes, you must put down the first month’s rent on your building. (Applies to Rent to Own Customers Only!)

Every customer must pay each payment on a monthly basis. However, you can pick the date of which your payment will be due each month. You also have the option of paying more than your monthly obligation with no penalties. There is a fee associated for all late payments. (Call Alice Keefer, Office manager, for more information at 304-786-8013)

Yes, within reason you must choose between the 17 different colors that LifeTite Metal Products offers. You are able to mix and match accordingly as you desire. (Click Here for Color Chart)

Yes, but the sizes and color of our buildings in stock can vary from day to day. We mostly keep basic buildings in stock with minimum or no added accessories.

Yes, customers have the option of customizing Metalwood buildings to suit their needs. We have a list of options to choose from. (Click Here for Building List Options).

However, rent to own customers will NOT be able to MODIFY their buildings once it has been delivered. After a rent to own customer has paid the remaining balance and becomes the sole owner of the building then they may MODIFY as they please.

No, customers have the option of purchasing a building at any time.

You will need to have a relatively level surface with blocks, gravel or concrete pad as a preferable base. You will need to pick out and have a spot ready for your building before the time of your delivery.

It takes approximately 2 weeks for 4 men to build one of our Metalwood buildings. This gives them plenty of time to configure & manufacture your building. Our buildings are built the old fashioned way with a lot of hard work and dedication. Our employee’s spend their days manufacturing the very building that will sit on your property and you are welcome to come by our facility in Kenna, WV at any time if you have any questions.

Yes, you can purchase a non-insulated, conventional stick built, wood building. (Click Here For Sizes)

Yes, our buildings are built tough and built to last. They include a heavy-duty base platform with 4” X 4” treated lumber framing.

Yes, it is our duty to ensure our customers get only the best in quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, we will deliver to ALL surrounding states.(However, at times we subcontract our delivery services.) You may want to give us a call first for more information on this topic.

Yes, because we use Advantech flooring: Build with AdvanTech® flooring for award-winning performance you can rely on. Specifically engineered to combine industry-leading strength, and superior moisture resistance, AdvanTech flooring is the FLAT OUT BEST™ for a quiet & rigid floor.

Total performance in one panel: 

  • High density engineered wood for industry leading strength and stiffness
  • Advanced moisture resistant resin technology applied through the panel
  • Superb fastener-holding force helps keep floors secure and quiet
  • Precisely milled and extremely durable tongue and groove profile
  • Ranked #1 in quality every year for more than a decade
  • Backed by the reputation of Huber Engineered Woods

With an industry-leading, AdvanTech® flooring panel that more builders trust. It’s engineered for superior strength, moisture resistance and quality so we get that quiet, stiff floor our customers demand. Rest assured you’ll get the most from your floors and everything on top of them.

Yes, within the limits of what we offer. You can purchase a basic building in any size and well as our custom buildings. (We also will build on site if you need a building of much larger size)

Yes and NO. You can always move your building on your own, but if you would like someone to move your building for you, you will need to get in touch with whoever delivered your building. (You will need to contact our subcontractor for more information.) You will NOT be able to move a building that has been built on site.

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